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Carburetor restoration

If your carburetors have seen better days, our carburetor restoration service is your best option! Instead of expensive replacements, our thorough reconditioning of the aging BING or DellOrto Carburetors ensures the perfect fuel-air mixture once again.

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Carburetor restoration

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Carburetor restoration

The work steps

Basic cleaning

After chemical cleaning, all metal parts are glass bead blasted (< 120 μ) to remove the coarsest dirt. This process also peens the surface of the metal, making it less prone to dirt accumulation. We check all machine threads for external damage and recut as needed. Damaged threads can often be repaired with thread inserts. The final cleaning takes place in the ultrasonic bath, containing a specially formulated solution. In addition to fine threads, there are also several tiny bores in the carburetors. Only ultrasonic cleaning can remove all deposits. The professional disassembly and reassembly of all parts require specialist knowledge, experience, and professional tools. The fastening screws of the throttle valve are not only screwed-in but also secured with thread-lock compound. If these screws are loosened by force, the shaft will be irreparably destroyed.

Optical processing

So the carburetors may shine like new again, the major impurities must first be chemically removed. The ultrasonic bath merely loosens the stubborn crusts caused by aluminum oxide and other deposits. The process can cause the carburetor parts to become matte or dark gray on the outside. Therefore we now further process the surfaces with special brushes. Some customers want their carburetors to be polished too. That is also possible on the top and the float bowl.


After the treatment in the ultrasonic bath, all parts are washed out in distilled water and blown dry with 10 bar compressed air. This is the only way to remove the impurities that are still in the holes within the carburetor. All metal parts are now bare metal. Without further treatment, these oxidize after a short time and look white. In order to preserve these carburetor parts permanently, they are dipped in Ballistol and dried in an oven. Ballistol has a significant advantage in that it does not become resinous. It is burned in the engine without any problems. Carburetors treated in this way can be stored for a very long time and are ready for assembly at any time.

About us: quality over quantity

How everything began:

Because of the high prices for spare from BMW, I bought a wrecked machine many years ago to get parts from it to keep my machine on the road. I sold the parts that I didn’t need, and it quickly became clear that the possible selling price is higher if the parts are clean, and in the case of an alternator or carburetor, for example, checked for function. The idea of trading in cleaned, tested parts was born.

Because not all the requested parts were always available in the desired quality on the market, I began to manufacture parts. The first parts were the exhaust cross pipes (balance pipes). In contrast to the originals, I make these out of stainless steel. They are precision machined on the inside and can therefore be mounted directly to the headers without clamps. The next step was done: Small production runs with improved quality. Much of the improved quality is due to modern technology. For example, we offer overhauled gearboxes and instruments for the 2-valve. We also provide starter covers made of aluminum if the original air filter housing is removed and open intake funnels or, for example, K&N intake filters used. Cast aluminum gear covers have been available since September 2017. The original starter cover remains on the engine, and the gearbox receives an elegant cover.

Many “do everything”. We have specialized in the 2-valve BMWs from R50 / 5 to R100. Our maxim is always: quality before quantity.

How it went on:

In addition to the business of new and used parts, we specialize in restoring carburetors, mainly BING and Dellorto. Many additional product improvements relating to the subject of carburetors are now offered: For example, throttle twist reducers, kink protection for the cables, open intake trumpets, gearbox cover, and a manual choke cable.

The latest product, however, is the plug-in oil dipstick for BMW engines.


Tip no. 1

All attempts to adjust the carburetor are pointless if the inside is dirty and the seals or suction rubbers are defective. The trains must also run smoothly. Carburetors cannot be synchronized by connecting the vacuum connection. 1. Adjust the ignition when the engine...

Tip no. 2

In order to prevent excessive wear of the toothing of the angular gear (final drive) to the rear wheel, it must be mounted as follows: First loosen the 4 x M8 nuts "swing arm / final drive" so that the final drive can be moved easily. Then mount the wheel and tighten...

Tip no. 3rd

The carburetor idling is often complained about. Before opening the carburettors, the cables should be unhooked from the throttle grip and well oiled. The cables are often unfavorably laid and kinked directly above the carburettors. The wire rope in the sheath must...

Tip no. 4th

If the red charge control light flickers or lights up briefly from time to time, the rotor of the alternator may be defective - but it doesn't have to be. Often the cause is the low contact pressure of the coals; then the coals are too short and have to be replaced.

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